Thinking long-term
for lasting benefits

Fee Credits or Gold Badges? If you are planning for the long term with services like Superposition or Savings Pool, these will be indispensable to you!

Not only because of the significant platform fee rebate, but also because Badges and Fee Credits are necessary to maintain the level of the Permium Account.

That’s clear, but how do I get Gold Badges or Fee Credits? The answer is the Auction system!

Ways to get Gold Badges or Free Credits

Which one is Better for Me?

This depends on your activity on the platform. If you use the Savings Pool and other services infrequently, Fee Credits may be the best option for you, as you’ll be able to keep your Premium Account in the long term because you won’t have to pay a platform fee for using the Savings Pool. If you are an active user of other services, you should consider how much of a platform fee rebate you can expect. If you don’t expect to pay significantly more than the Gold Badge you receive, then the Fee Credit may still be preferable. Otherwise, Gold Badges are clearly preferable.