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Tired of trying to predict currency trends? Forget it and profit from market volatility with Superposition!

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Make a profit from the volatility of crypto markets on an ongoing basis, while keeping the risks associated with them under control. Depend on the selected market and the volatility you can earn at least 200%+ return annually! Too good to be true? Let’s check the realtime statistics:

It can’t get any easier

When establishing a Superposition, the client must choose which crypto asset wishes to open the position against and whether wishes to maintain the position in the short or long term. On average, short-term positions can generate extremely high returns for a few weeks to a month. Still, they can become passive positions in the long term if the price of the chosen crypto asset changes significantly (more than 20%) in either direction. The expected return on a long-term position is lower than on a short-term position. Still, it has a significantly higher tolerance level for exchange rate movements, so it can generate a steady profit from volatility even if the exchange rate moves within 50%.

Why Superposition is awesome!

No Small Print. Just Honesty

We pride ourselves in being honest and doing what’s best for our clients. That is why we don’t hide our terms & conditions in sub-pages and small prints. You earn what you see with Inlock.

  • No fees or charges for opening, closing or managing your Superpositions
  • You can start and stop anytime within a minute
  • Wide range of position management: add or remote quote, range keeper, stop-loss or take profit levels, etc.
  • Automatic price range management to achieve better profit
  • No earning limits or variable interest
  • Realised profits are split 80%:20% between the client and the platform.
  • The 20% platform fee are subject to fee refund from Fee Credit or with activated Badge!