It all starts here (again)

Introducing Vigiler, the innovative crypto custody service that keeps your assets safe and secure while offering a range of value-creating and value-enhancing solutions. Our low-risk services are perfect for those looking to grow their wealth without taking on too much peril, while our high-risk and high-profit options are ideal for those looking to maximize their gains. At Vigiler, we understand that your assets are important to you. That’s why our platform is designed to be your vigilant custody, working around the clock to protect your investments and ensure that they remain safe and sound. Whether you’re new to the world of crypto or an experienced investor, Vigiler has something for everyone. With our customer-focused experience and wide range of services, it’s never been easier to manage and grow your wealth in the crypto space. Sign up to Vigiler waiting list, or use the migration option to experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your assets are in good hands.

Our goal is to use our extensive experience to reinvent ‘crypto finance‘ phrase. We want to create something that meets our original vision years earlier, but which we were forced to refactor in a direction dictated by the false path set by our competitors. While we must admit that our current business model has been extremely effective at attracting new customers, it has also deepened the knowledge, experience, and risk-tolerance gaps between different segments of our customer base. As a result, we had to create a product that was suitable for everyone, but which was unable to meet the real needs of anyone. We constantly had to balance the infinitely user-friendly and the fine-tuned features necessary for active services. With all this knowledge and experience behind us, and given the current situation, we have the opportunity to define a new direction in which actively manageable services are given much greater emphasis, where the customer can truly reflect their risk tolerance and, as a result, not receive an average yield, but can realize outstanding yields for higher risks. We will eliminate all external dependency, including institutional borrowers and OTC partners. As a result, the new platform will become a closed ecosystem, which is as free as possible from external partner risks. We will only maintain contact with our exchange partners, which is essential for maintaining products such as swaps. We mitigate these risks by using the profits from our business activities to fill a new reserve fund. Our goal is for this reserve fund to cover our asset exposure to exchange partners as much as possible.