Helping People to
Unlock Their Crypto’s Full Potential

In 2017 Inlock embarked on the journey of providing people with a new way of financial services. Banking in your own
terms through crypto and generating wealth with this new asset class.

Over the years we’ve built products that allow people the freedom of meaning, exchanging and borrowing with crypto.
We’re not stopping here, we’re continuously working on creating easy-to-use, honest crypto tools to help you unlock your
crypto’s full potential. Join us on our journey.

Our Company Values

Our Team

The founders and core members of Inlock have worked in traditional financial services (focused on lending) and technology
for decades, so we know exactly where innovation is needed and how to create efficiencies.

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Institutional Clients

What if you could expand your crypto service offerings through a seamless automated and easy-to-integrate solution?

Inlock’s Whitelabel (iWL) solution will enable you to create a new revenue stream by offering your clients earning function through crypto deposits

See What Our Clients Say

Forget the usual paperwork, wait time and bureaucracy that you have to deal with at a bank. With Inlock everything happens online, simple and easy.

Kristina H

Initially I didn’t really want to get into crypto, but the high interest rates convinced me to give it a try. It was absolutely worth it! I ran into some questions but the guys at Inlock Support were great and helped me sort everything out.

Chris M

The consistently high interest rates convinced me to give Inlock a try, as well as knowing that my assets are safe.

Peter R

I chose Inlock because their interest rates are way above the rates I get with my regular bank. I have been using their service for over a year and I am very satisfied. It’s nice to know that my savings are actually growing rather than sitting on my bank account and earning no interest.

Daniel K

Press & Digital Assets

With any press inquiries, please contact [email protected]. You can download Inlock logos and banners below.