We wanted to let you know that we’re making some changes to our Terms of Use, which has been implemented on 1st May 2024. Changes are affected all Vigiler Platform customers. The updated Terms of Use have been changed in the following areas:

  • explanation of current legislation environment, see Chapter I.
  • detailed terms for newly introduced customer registration, limitation, invite code distribution
  • customer account levels (basic, premium), changing account level, grace periods and limited services connecting to basic account
  • connecting service for migrated account and additional limitation for pending migrations
  • additional terms for compensation balances and fee credits
  • terms for newly introduced auction system
  • improved and detailed terms for Superposition, Dual Swap and Collateral Option products

Updated Terms of Use are available: https://vigiler.io/docs/tos-eng.pdf

f you disagree with the updated Terms of Use, please stop using Vigiler’s services with immediate effect. In that case, you can close your account free of charge via the Vigiler Platform, but we’ll be sad to see you go. You can also request your account closure on Vigiler support at [email protected] email address.