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Public offer for the conditional assumption of customer claims

Disclaimer: Following announcement is originally published on Inlock blog and contains the public offer for platform customers.

Within the framework of the Recovery and Restructuring Plan, we share with our customers the following public offer for the assumption of client assets. This public offer is conditional and limited in time. Clients who accept the offer will have certain assets migrated to a new platform. The new platform aims to provide high-quality services to the customers of the Inlock platform by enhancing the business model implemented by Inlock. The new platform adds several innovative and new services. The platform implements a transparent crypto asset registry and service fee system, with the main objective of allocating the largest part of the platform’s revenues to the reduction of the compensation balance to compensate its customers for the damages suffered by the Inlock platform in the event of a loss. The operator of the new platform intends to fully compensate its customers with the following processes:

  • re-distributing the revenues of the platform to the customers involved in the revenue-generating transaction
  • compensation from the platform reserve fund pro rata compensation
  • from the potential and future compensation of the Inlock platform
  • compensation from the excess crypto asset holdings of the Inlock platform

Customer can accept the migration options between 10 January 2023 and 20 April 2023. The assumption of customer claims will be on an individual basis; the operator does not offer the possibility of group migration or migration on terms other than those of this offer and does not intend to enter into such individual contracts.

You can read details about the preliminary conditions of the migration, the services of the new platform, the operation of the compensation balance and the redistribution of the platform fees in the Public Offer documentation.

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