The Vigiler platform has taken a significant step today. After more than a year of service development, the platform has opened for customer registrations. Any new customer who meets the requirements described in the Terms of Use (such as age, sanction restrictions, etc.) can register on the platform without any substantive restrictions. However, all new registrants can only register on a waiting list. This means in practice that they will have an account but will not be able to use the platform services.

In the period ahead, we will develop a number of permanent and campaign like solutions for activating the accounts on waiting list. Today we have already launched the possibility to activate an account based on an invitation code.

Invitation codes are distributed monthly to the 100 customers of the Vigiler platform who have used the most fee credits (compensation balance) in a given month. We can only distribute an invitation code if the customer does not have an unactivated invitation code at the time of distribute. Each invitation code is unique and can only be used once. An invitation code that has already been registered cannot be revoked, even if the invitee does not wish to or is unable to use it.

LEGAL DISCLOSURE: We would like to emphasize that the waiting list and invitation code-based registration is specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers, in order to allow our customers migrating to the new platform to further expand their own circle of contacts on an invitation basis. The Vigiler platform does not in any way seek to encourage the registration of new Customers, and no commission or other reward will be paid for the invitation. This communication is for information purposes only and is not intended to generate new registrations or any form of advertising.