Security Reminder: check the URL you are visiting and enable 2FA. Do not disclose your password or make transactions with anyone claiming to be Vigiler employees. Vigiler staff will never ask your password!

Security checklist

– Make sure you are visiting to prevent any phishing attacks. Only download the mobile apps (for example: Google Authenticator or password managers) from official app stores!
– Never install any browser plug-ins that claim to be associated with Vigiler
– Never share any personal account details to anyone that claims to be an Vigiler Support Representative.
– Never tell your password or 2FA codes/keys to anyone, including Vigiler Support.
– Never send funds to anyone claiming to be a member of Vigiler Support.

On Vigiler platform the 2FA protection (two-factor authentication) is mandatory to register new withdraw addresses and to use account security and fund protection related services. We strongly advise our customers to use 2FA authentication. Please make sure that you are using the official Google Authenticator or Authy application from Google Play or the Appstore!

Email-based security, temporary lock and forced account lock

INLOCK platform generates email warnings from security events, for example: password reset, disable 2fa or temporary account lock after 5 invalid login attempts. In these emails, you can find a “LOCK ACCOUNT” button, to close your account until you can reach out INLOCK support.

Secondary email verification for withdrawals

When you record a withdrawal request, you will get an email verfication which contains all relevant information regarding your request. Please doublecheck all necessary information before approve your withdrawal request! Are approved and performed withdrawals are final. Vigiler cannot revert your performed withdrawals! Sending money to an invalid address may result in a permanent loss.

Time-locks for better funds protection

Strong Fund Protection and HODL mode give you the opportunity to take the security of your Vigiler account to an even higher level! With Strong Fund Protection, you can only initiate payments to pre-recorded withdrawal addresses, and no internal transfers can be initiated on your account while the Strong Fund Protection lock is active.

Increase the protection even further; the HODL mode does not allow withdrawals to previously white-listed addresses either. This can be useful if you are going on holiday or want to reserve your crypto to use it later.

With the time lock for security functions you can easily manage the strong fund protection and HODL mode locked times between one hour and one month. You can use them from now as the preset time limit when white-listing new addresses.

Time-locks by default is 24 hour on all newly created Vigiler account. Please note that Customer Support is not able to override the time-locks or to approve a newly recorded withdrawal address.