The Vigiler platform’s borrow function is designed to leverage clients’ cryptoassets within the platform, providing liquidity to clients who typically seek to raise funds for speculative purposes. In return for the service, interest is paid, with a return for the clients providing the liquidity.

The loan function of the Vigiler platform can of course be used by clients for other purposes, but in all cases the following should be taken into account:

  • The Vigiler platform is not a credit institution and does not have the privileges of a credit institution that would allow it to provide general or targeted credit to its customers in a supervised environment.
  • In the case of loans other than speculative purpose loans within the Vigiler platform, the client should be aware that the individual loan structures are highly complex and over the interest rate, there are a number of risk factors to consider which may vary significantly from one credit institution to another. If you are unsure about the obligations and risks involved in using a Vigiler platform loan, you should always consult your financial advisor beforehand.
  • The Vigiler platform does not have the right or ability to create money, so the funds lent out will in all cases come from other Vigiler customers.
  • The Vigiler platform does not act as a credit intermediary, nor does it place client assets with institutional client or other outside clients.
  • The Parties acknowledge that the Vigiler Platform does not act as either a lender or a borrower in loan transactions; it merely provides a means for the Parties to provide funds to each other.
  • The Vigiler platform will use all means at its disposal in the collateral management process to ensure the repayability or closability of the loans at all times, but the Vigiler platform cannot be held liable if it is unable to fully ensure this due to events beyond its control.


Once the collateral is deposited, the loan amount is credited immediately upon acceptance of the offer. There is no credit check or waiting period during the process. The loan amount can be used immediately.

All new loan agreements are over-collateralised, which means that the value of the collateral must be greater than the actual debt. If the value of the collateral falls below the required level, the automated collateral management function will terminate the contract and repay the loan.

Our customers can manage their loan contracts in several ways:

  • may add or remove collateral,
  • be repaid in whole or in part free of charge; or
  • terminate their contract, in which case the loan is repaid against the collateral.

The system sends a warning message to the borrower in case of major depreciation in the value of the collateral.